Group Classes at Moxie Fitness Studio in Pineville and The Grove in Myers Park!

The 360 Method is a method created by professionals in women's health who are devoted to bringing education, training, resources, and peace of mind to all expecting and postpartum individuals. Founded by Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Specialist, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and mom of 2, Jamie Horn, the 360 method is here to help moms in all phases feel like themselves again.

helping moms in all phases feel like themselves again

What is the 360 Method?

We focus on the whole you... 360 degrees of you!  Our goal is to help you feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our Perinatal Mental Health Coach, Lauren Vollentine, and Pelvic Floor PT, Annie Linville and Kristin Hietbrink, are here and ready to help with anything you may need!

Mental health & PT support

Join our small group classes or grab personal training sessions. Each workout is programmed specifically for where you are and where you want to go. 

In person trainings & classes

Our PT first model allows each person to have a 1:1 eval session with our certified Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism Trainer + Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. This initial eval will be your starting point for your training plan moving forward.

1:1 Initial PT Session

We've got you covered

What we offer

We are based out of Charlotte, NC area! For our non local friends, we also offer online + virtual classes!

we know what that's like and we are here to guide you through it all.

You don't have to face this season alone.

- lindsey m.

" ...They eased my anxiety about stepping into a new phase of my life while simultaneously giving me tools to take care of myself and maintain fitness safely..."

what they're saying

Whether you're looking to get back to an athletic lifestyle postpartum, wanting to make sure you're moving properly and rebuilding safely for your long postpartum life, or wanting to workout the right way during your pregnancy, there is a place for you with us. 

You don’t have to learn how to adjust all by yourself. No more google...we got you.