Workout for you and the rest of your long, healthy, and active life.

We are dedicated to serving pregnant and postpartum athletes navigating health and wellness regardless of where you are in your journey.
Strength training designed specifically for you!






This is not your typical workout

Our goal is not to make you suffer and push you beyond your limits.  Our goal is to give you what your body needs to heal, gain strength, maintain your healthy lifestyle, and feel damn good. 

Pregnancy + Postpartum Full body strength class

is this for you?

You will learn a TON of information about how to properly train your body through all the changes it has gone through and will be going through.  We will look at how your body has responded to pregnancy, how it is recovering from birth if you're pp, and what we need to intentionally work on to bring back the core strength that'll make you feel like you again! 

It's not always the right thing or that easy to jump back into doing what you've always done postpartum and it's not always right for you to continue doing what you've always done throughout your entire pregnancy.  You may feel more comfortable with specialized support during this very special and unique time in your life and this is where we come in.  We'd love to work with you!
Whatever it is you're feeling or going through, trust me, you're not alone. Join us to meet other moms just like you!

what you'll learn

 If you are pregnant and/or postpartum  looking for specific core and full body training designed for YOU and what your body needs to properly gain strength effectively, this is for you!

Classes meet a few times a week (you will be sent a link to sign up for the classes you wish to attend) and all work on fullbody strength with consideration for where you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey by our specialized trainer, Jamie Horn.  We promote strength, proper movement, body positivity, and work hard to create an environment that truly welcomes all and encourages you to show up as you are.  
You deserve it.  

REMEMBER: Your baby(ies) can be 2 months old or 27 years old. You are always postpartum! It's never too late. 

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Choose between working out in your own home, virtually with Jamie or in-person at hygge FIT (2128 Remount Road). By choosing virtual, you’ll be given a list of a few pieces of equipment you’d have to purchase to have with you for the workouts. 

virtual or in person

Want more consistency?

Sign up for one-on-one training in person or virtually with Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Specialist and Personal Trainer, Jamie Horn. Choose from 1 evaluation session; Pack of 5 sessions; or Pack of 10 sessions and work one- on- one with Jamie to receive your specialized training program.

For an additional $25/week, receive 3 specialized workouts written just for you to complete at home in between our sessions. You will receive 3 workouts each Sunday that you can use throughout the week on your own time. This is an extra 12 workouts that will be a great addition to your training program to help get you going and staying in a routine.

personal training with jamie is currently full, but contact us below to join the waitlist



We can help you feel like it.

what they're saying

 The support and education that the women of The 360 Method are providing is definitely needed and was very helpful in the early stages of my postpartum journey. mom life is hard and we need a tribe to help us get through each day-that’s exactly what this program is about! 

- brittany f