Group Classes at Moxie Fitness Studio in Pineville and The Grove in Myers Park!

This is not your typical workout

 Our goal is to give you what your body needs to heal postpartum, gain strength through your pregnancy, maintain your healthy lifestyle, and feel damn good. 

You deserve to get it right and get back to feeling good and strong whether you're pregnant or postpartum.

It'll happen... I got you.

Start feeling like yourself again

After your required PT session, choose your class amount and start training! Decide between 4-8 semi-private classes a month and begin your journey to feeling your absolute best.  Classes take place at Moxie (326 Main Street, Pineville) or The Grove (Myers Park).

Join the 360 Method Classes

Book your required PT session with Jamie or Kristin to get started. It's important to be evaluated for where you are now in regards to your body, how it feels, how it moves, and what your goals are. 

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 If you are pregnant and/or postpartum  looking for specific core and full body training designed for YOU and what your body needs to properly gain strength effectively, This is for you!

Classes meet a few times a week (you will be sent a link to sign up for the classes you wish to attend) and work on full body strength with consideration for where you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey by our specialist, Jamie Horn. We provide strength training with proper movement, pelvic floor and core considerations, and specific exercises that will properly and effectively build you up.  

You deserve it.  

REMEMBER: Your baby(ies) can be 2 months old or 27 years old. You are always postpartum! It's never too late. 

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Pregnancy & postpartum full body strength class

You are built for this.

We can help you feel like it.

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8:30 am at Moxie


10:45am at
The Grove


9:30 am at Moxie


9:30 am at  Moxie
10:45am at The Grove


9:30 am at Moxie


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" ...The support and education is definitely needed and was very helpful in the early stages of my postpartum life is hard and we need a crew to help us get through each day..."

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